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The Urgency of Gun Control in the Wake of Mass Shootings

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

According to the Gun Violence Archive, there has been more than 300 mass shootings and over 19,000 people dead because of gun violence in the US in 2023. That is 19,000 more than it should be. The loose regulations and restrictions on guns in this country impacts everyone’s day to day lives. Children are getting shot up at school, and people are getting killed at music festivals, markets, clubs, or even church.

This past holiday weekend, over dozens of people were killed and injured in shootings across the United States. In the suburbs of Chicago, over 20 people were shot during a Juneteenth celebration, and dozens more in other shootings throughout Chicago.

In Idaho, a man shot and killed four people behind a church.

In St. Louis, a shooting in an office building killed one teenager and wounded 11 other teenagers.

In Washington state, two people were shot and killed and two others are wounded. A shooter began firing into a crowd at a campground where people were staying to attend a music festival.

There were six other shootings in 6 different states which were all the same weekend as the shootings I mentioned above. As I’m reading the news about all the shootings this past weekend, I can only think about the needed gun control in this country.

As Amnesty International has said before, gun violence threatens our most basic human right, which is the right to life. Millions of citizens in America should not fear losing their life anytime they go out in public, and kids should not have the fear of being shot and killed at school. This is why Congress needs to listen to the vast majority of people in this country calling for gun control.

There needs to be effective gun violence prevention laws, gun safety legislation, and strict regulations on assault weapons federally. There is no reason why civilians who aren’t using them for hunting purposes should be able to possess semi-automatic guns that are designed for military use. Additionally, there are several states that make it too easy to purchase guns, like Texas and Florida.

Congress needs to ban high-capacity magazines, make sure there are extremely thorough background checks in place, and forbid citizens to carry a gun without a concealed weapons license. Without extremely thorough background checks, it allows mentally ill people to buy guns easily, and as we have seen that never ends well.

In the constitution, we have the right to guns but there needs to be regulations in place that protect the lives of citizens. As a student in America, I don’t want to get shot and killed in a classroom, so I beg for this country and the people in it to start taking gun violence seriously.

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