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Neo-Nazis Have Invaded Florida

On August 26th, two LGBTQ+ centers in Orlando found their murals defaced by White supremacists. They were spray-painted over with the messages: “Gay is not ok,” “Stop the lies,” “One male one female no more no less,” and “Protect lives saves kids’ eyes from trans lies.” Also drawn over the murals were a Celtic cross and a swastika.

Later that same day, a White supremacist shot and killed three Black people in a racially motivated attack at a Dollar General in Jacksonville. The AR-15 he used had swastikas drawn all over it, along with other messages. The gunman also had several manifestos detailing his hatred against Black people.

During Labor Day weekend, Neo-Nazi groups led demonstrations outside Walt Disney World and in Altamonte Springs.

The Goyim Defense League and Blood Tribe led the march in Altamonte Springs, where they waved swastika flags, saluted Hitler, and chanted sayings like “White power” and “Jews will not replace us.”

The demonstration outside of Disney consisted of those wearing clothing covered in Nazi symbols while holding flags and posters emblazoned with Nazi insignia. Some also were waving around “DeSantis 2024” flags. The group responsible is The Order of the Black Sun.

The destruction of the LGBTQ murals, the racially motivated shooting, and the protests are not just unfortunate coincidences. They were a result of White supremacists influenced by the rhetoric and policies designed to target minority groups in Florida, which the one and only Ron DeSantis created.

He may say he is not on their side, but his ideologies and actions speak differently. Since he has been governor of Florida, he has implemented bills that target the LGBTQ community along with the Black community. Because of DeSantis, Florida has become ground zero for Neo-Nazis looking to spread their hate.

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is running for the presidency, and as citizens who can vote, keep this one question in mind: If he can allow Neo-Nazis to take over Florida, what could he possibly allow and influence as President of the United States?

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