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Biden has Shown Weakness in the Middle East

This past Sunday, an Iranian proxy group engaged in a drone strike on United States personnel in Jordan that killed three and wounded over 30 servicemen. Since the start of the Israel-Hamas war, there have been about 165 attacks using rockets, missiles, and drones by Iran-backed terrorist groups on U.S. troops stationed in the Middle East. This incident marks the first time our men and women have been killed in response to the U.S. supporting Israel’s warfronts, which can be described as a blatant escalation.

In recent months, the Biden Administration has carried out strikes against Iranian proxies’ weapon storage facilities in Iraq and Syria as retaliation for strikes against U.S. personnel. Still, the militant groups have not been deterred. Biden has tip-toed around escalating the situation into an all-out war with Iran; however, he has been so cautious that he has only weakened the United States’ image rather than weakening the groups attacking us.

For Biden, it is an election year. Starting a war with Iran will not help his chances get reelected, along with the fact that a decent chunk of his base - progressive democrats - are furious about how he has aided Israel in their war with Hamas, which has so far killed over 20,000 Gazans. It can be understandable that he is trying not to escalate anything in the Middle East due to the reasons previously mentioned, but having faced 165 attacks and 3 U.S. servicemen dead because he cannot hold Iran accountable is unacceptable. Biden’s appeasement policy with Iran has gone on far too long. Like Senator Lindsey Graham has said, "weak talk and weak action are putting our service members overseas at risk."

As a country that prides itself on having the strongest military in the world, it sure is not showing any strength. The Biden Administration has shouted the word “deterrence” so much that it has now lost its true meaning, hence why Iranian proxy groups have not yet refrained from attacking our troops. Our political adversaries are watching closely how the United States will handle this conflict, and so far, we have shown nothing but weakness. Some missile strikes here or there on weapon storage facilities do not send a strong message to our enemies, nor does it show the U.S. as a country that should not be messed with.

In the coming days, the world will watch how Biden retaliates against Iran and its proxies for the attack in Jordan on Sunday. I do believe we need to directly strike the core of the problem, the aggressor, which is Iran, but we will see if the U.S. can show actual deterrence because, you know, actions speak louder than words. It is about time for the Biden Administration to protect American lives and this country's national security interests.

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